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Extra services

International shipment
International shipments can be arranged at a very reasonable rate. To give you an idea: transportation of a bench to Italy (Tuscany) will cost € 115, - A table of 1 meter length to England (Surrey) costs € 95.

Shipment within Holland
Your bench, cabinet or table can be shipped at an additional cost, even if you do not buy it through our webshop. Fees are discussed with you beforehand. 

Gift service
Do you want to surprise someone in a special way? Please ask the Weldaad Team about the gift service, a very original idea!

Tailor-made tables
One particular product we would like to recommend: our sturdy monastery tables, which are very popular. The tables can be ordered in various sizes (between 1 and 4 meters long). There is a wide choice: modeling leg, the finishing of the tabletop and various colors. Moreover, the tables can be completely disassembled, which is very useful for narrow staircases. Please check out our tailor-made tables.

Certain products can be rented for example for photography and film productions. Indication of the costs: 15% of the selling price per week.

De Weldaad sells unrestored antiques, this means you may find woodworms in the furniture. Sometimes a special spray or liquid pesticide will do. If not, you can reserve via De Weldaad a space at the Zoologic Institute in Amsterdam. Your furniture will be gassed for 10 days in the container together with exhibition items of the Tropical Museum and will be 100 % free of woodworms after this treatment. The gassing can be done several times per year and space must be reserved in advance.