Sambhali Trust Project: Weldaad Authentic Interior helps to empower women in India

Sambhali Trust Project: Weldaad Authentic Interior helps to empower women in India

During a trip to Jodhpur (this time together with my son Jasper) I found this small, but very interesting shop, which sells products made by women, who have learned craft skills with the Sambhali Trust, a NGO which works to empower disadvantaged women and girls. Items include cute stuffed silk or cloth elephants and horses, bracelets made from pottery beads, silk bags, and block-printed curtains and scarves.

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, but unfortunately, the country also has a dark side to it when it comes to gender inequality and women's rights. The Sambhali Trust is a project that aims to empower women and girls in Rajasthan, India, by providing them with education, vocational training, and healthcare.

Founded in 2007 by Govind Singh Rathore, the Sambhali Trust is based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and has since grown to have four centres in the region. The project works with disadvantaged women and girls, who are often from impoverished backgrounds, with little or no access to education or healthcare. The Sambhali Trust believes that education and vocational training are essential tools for women's empowerment, and their work focuses on these areas.

Weldaad supports the training and education of women in India

Education and Vocational Training

The Sambhali Trust provides education and vocational training to girls and women of all ages. They offer courses in basic literacy, computer skills, English language, and sewing and embroidery. The courses are designed to be flexible and accessible to those who may have limited time or resources.

The trust's work has enabled many women to gain skills that allow them to earn a livelihood and become self-sufficient. They can earn money through sewing and embroidery, and many have started their own small businesses. The project has also helped women to access other vocational opportunities, such as working in beauty parlours or as tailors.

That's why we are so proud and happy to work with this NGO Sambhali. We think we can make a difference and it makes each product so much more than just a decoration object for your interior. Somehow we are building a connection between these mothers, daughters and sisters in India and brings their story right into our own homes.